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Colorado QDRO by an Attorney  
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Free Book - Colorado Family Law


You will receive a free copy of our book on Colorado Divorce and Family Law if you
come in for a free consultation.

Here is a list of the 16 Sections which make up the 56 chapters:

Section 1. Getting Your Family Law Case Completed
Section 2. Different Family Law Matters
Section 3. Financial Aspects of Different Households
Section 4. Court Legal Process
Section 5. Domestic Violence & Protection Orders
Section 6. Property & Debt Division
Section 7. Co-Parenting & Child Support
Section 8. Maintenance
Section 9. Tax Effects
Section 10. Enforcement of Orders - Contempt
Section 11. Modification of Orders
Section 12. PreNuptial & PostNuptial Agreements
Section 13. Family Law & Estate Planning
Section 14. Appeals from Court Orders
Section 15. Credit Counseling
Section 16. Gathering Legal Information

You will receive a free copy when you come in for a free initial consultation.

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