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Colorado QDRO by an Attorney  
Tax-Free Division of Retirement Plans Video
401(k); 457; 403; Defined Benefit Pensions  

About Us - Maurice Johnson Law


Information About Our Colorado QDRO Services:

  • Fixed Fees for all QDROs.
  • Most QDROs are drafted within a week, some done within a day.
  • Preliminary approval by the retirement plan administrator.
  • How to avoid the early withdrawal tax penalty if under age 59.5.
  • How to avoid attachment by creditors (They are mistaken.)
  • Help with decisions such as pension survivorship options.
  • Help with understanding the purchase of an annuity by a plan.
  • Help to small employers, which do not have experienced QDRO staff.

I have been doing QDROs since the mid 1990s.

Fees are kept low because, beginning in May 2014, I no longer do about 3% of the plans where I have experience that those plan administrators are very uncooperative and purposefully take forever (such as some union plans.)


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With an advanced law degree in taxation, Maurice Johnson has focused his law practice on pensions, tax, divorce & family law, real estate, estates and trusts, and related trials and litigation. He has been doing QDROs since the mid 1990s.

Prior to beginning his law practice in 1994, he worked as a law firm associated in the same areas of law. His office is about 12 miles south of downtown Denver, about 2/3 of a mile west of I-25 & Arapahoe Road.


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